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Last update: 2018-02-07

Providing really hard to
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since 2003-12-03



The first update in 2018

Time to get things rolling in this new year!

This time around I updated:

  • RealJukebox music player/manager
  • MpegDJ Encoder
  • Ultimate [MP1/2/3] Encoder
  • EncSpot Pro MP3 analyzer
  • AT&T a2b music (thanks to Zachary Jelesoff)
  • A few more WavPack versions (thanks to David Bryant)


Happy holidays!

This time around, just a simple update to wrap up 2017. Have some lovely holidays! See you all again in 2018!

These are the updates:

  • Sonic Foundry SoftEncode AC3 encoder
  • RKau lossless compressor
  • Emagic Zap lossless compressor
  • Iomega RecordIt MP2 recorder
  • Several versions of Apollo (thanks to Thundik81)
  • A few extra PlusV tools


File dates and MP3 encoders

I did some serious research these last few weeks, trying to obtain information as accurate as possible for the dates displayed for each file (that information will come handy for some site improvements I've been planning).

I researched release notes, readmes, zip file timestamps, and even PE timestamps, and hopefully the pages now portray as accurately as possible what was released when.

Also, I decided to upload/update several MP3 encoders this time around:

  • Sound Limit MP3 encoder
  • Audioactive Production Studio and Player
  • YunaSoft MP3 Encoder (actually a FhG ACM codec frontend)
  • Some Blade versions that I found lying around in my HDDs
  • Also, an 8hz-mp3 version of the same origin
  • Ditto for another SoloH version
  • Several new versions of FhG MP3 Surround tools, and a Winamp plugin
  • A new(er) version of SCMPX
If you have LAME versions not featured at the LAME page, please submit them!


GitHub and players

This is the first update where ReallyRareWares development and changes are being versioned at GitHub. This won't make much of a difference to visitors, but should help streamline site maintenance.

Of course, feel free to submit pull requests... ;-)

And these are the updates, this time around focused on players:

  • iMPload complete MP3pro music player/ripper/manager
  • Dice VQF player (thanks to Zachary Jelesoff)
  • More versions of Apollo contributed by [JAZ]
  • NAD MP3 player v1.0 (thanks to Zachary Jelesoff)
  • Two AMP-based MP3 players for Win32 (thanks to Zachary Jelesoff)
  • MP3 to EXE, which converts MP3 files into standalone players
I'm interested in filling up the Apollo page with more versions. If you have them lying around, please get in touch! (check the About page)

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