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Lossless formats

Lossless compression formats are like a zip compressor, but specifically tuned for audio: you get the exact same audio quality of the input file in the output file. The difference with zip is that these specific codecs tend to compress much better than general purpose compressors.

FLAC v1.4.3 Release bundle


Latest Release, flac.exe, metaflac.exe. win32 compile is Intel 19.0 compile and is XP friendly, the other compiles are GCC 14.1.0 compiles. (These are re-compiled, no other changes.)

libFLAC v1.4.3 Release


Latest Release, libFLAC dll for CDex, etc, Intel 19 compiles, win32 compile is XP friendly. Two varieties, functionally identical, to suite the requirements of different applications.



Flake: FLAC audio encoder
The purpose of Flake is to be an alternative to the FLAC reference encoder with the goal of increasing encoding speed and implementing experimental features.
Neither the program nor the library have stable interfaces. Therefore, the commandline options and the library API/ABI may change. After version 1.0 is released, this will become more stable.
Copyright (c) 2006-2007 Justin Ruggles
Most recent GIT flake release. Intel LLVM 2023(Clang 16.0) compiles.



wavpack.exe, wvgain.exe, wvtag.exe and wvunpack.exe. Intel 19.0 compiles for Windows. x86 compiles should be XP friendly.

WavPack V.4.32


WavPack is a high quality and featureful lossless and lossy codec. Static compiles for several *nix platforms by rjamorim. All packs include WavPack, WvUnpack and WvGain.

(get Windows binaries at the official site - www.wavpack.com)

WavPack directshow filter


WavPack decoder for DirectShow players - by the CoreCodec team. v.1.0.3

TAK Lossless codec v1.0


TAK is a novel lossless compressor developed by Thomas Becker that achieves near-Monkey's Audio "High" compression with near-FLAC decompression speed. Worth checking out. Only command line encoder and decoder available ATM. Includes a GUI frontend.

Apple Lossless decoders v0.1.3


Compiles of the reverse-engineered Apple Lossless (ALAC) decoder v0.1.3.

TTA plugin for foobar2000 0.9


An unofficial TTA plugin for foobar2000 created by Ayana (aka TgayananII) and with readme translated to english by Liisachan

DSP-Worx APE directshow filter


Monkey's Audio decoder for DirectShow players - by the DSP-Worx team. v.1.0

RadLight APE directshow filter


Monkey's Audio decoder for DirectShow players - by the RadLight team. v. (it doesn't work on Win9x due to Unicode compatibility issues. You can use DSP-worx's filter in Win9x - just look at the entry above)

RadLight OFR directshow filter


OptimFrog decoder for DirectShow players - by the RadLight team. v. - now with Dual Stream decoding.

FLAC v.1.2.1 bundle for Mac OS-X


Universal 32 bit and 64 bit binaries of FLAC and Metaflac by S_O

FLACdrop by layer3maniac


The old drag-and-drop FLAC frontend by layer3maniac

Shorten V. 3.6.1 2014


No code changes, just new compiles using ICL compiler.

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