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Ogg Vorbis Tools

Several tools to process and work with Ogg Vorbis files

VorbisGain v.0.37


ReplayGain tool for Vorbis - VC6 compile - includes sources

oggsplit v0.1.0


Utility to unchain and ungroup ogg files by Philip Jagenstedt.

OggSplit+ v1.0


oggSplit+ is designed to split on the track, multi-ogg (subsong) files with automatic renaming tracks to their name.
Change list v1.0:
- refinement of the function responsible for the placement of files in the indicated directory. In previous versions, only on Windows XP, saving files does not occur in the directory
- completely rewritten algorithm with tags, now it does not matter what their size
- now displays the name of the processed tracks
- at the request of the user to change the pattern of numbering the tracks, with "1", "2"..., to "01", "02" for convenient placement of tracks in the playlist
- refinement and optimization of code. By Antares.

ogginfo v1.1.0


Utility to provide information about ogg files.

vcut v1.2.0


'Official' utility to cut ogg vorbis files.

vorbiscomment v1.2.0


Utility to manipulate vorbis comments.

OggVorbis Cutter v1.1.7


Utility to cut ogg vorbis files by Manuel Garcia Rodriguez.

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