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This is a page containing stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else!

SoX v14.4.2


SoX v14.4.2 win32 built on March 23, 2024, GCC 13.2.0.
SoX v14.4.2 x64 built on March 15, 2024, GCC 13.2.0



Java version of ABC/HR comparator v0.5. by schnofler. Runs on Sun JRE 1.5 or later.

EAC 0.99 PreBeta4


This is a simple zip of the required components. Simply unzip to a folder of your choice and run.

EAC 0.99 PreBeta5


This is a simple zip of the required components. Simply unzip to a folder of your choice and run.

CDex 1.60++


This is an unofficial mod to CDex. It adds features such as CUE-sheet creation, and changes some default settings. Also includes latest versions of some encoding libraries. Unicode version. By tycho.

LPCM 24bit processor


Tool to adapt LPCM 24bit RAW streams to standard 24bit WAV files. By thomaspf



Tool to adapt LPCM 20bit RAW streams to standard 24bit or 16 bit WAV files. By LigH

DTSdec v0.0.2


A command line decoder and player for the DTS Coherent Acoustics format, based on the libdca library. - by Bonzi

Friedman statistical analysis tool


An analysis tool created by ff123 that can perform several statistical analyses on data sets, which is particularly suited for listening test data. Version 1.24. Choose the adequate compile for your platform:

Flash Video decoders


These are two decoder tools for Flash Video (FLV) streams - one is a demo decoder, and the other is a directshow filter that you can use to play flash vidoes (like the ones you find at youtube and google videos) on direct show players like Windows Media Player, MPC and Zoom Player, among others.

TAG command line tagger


A command line tagger that supports several tag formats - ID3v1, APEv1/v2, Vorbis, etc. - by Case - v. 2.0.39b

Case's Wapet


This app calls command line encoders and adds APE tags automatically as soon as the encoding is finished. Works with 2-byte characters.

Speex 1.2.1 Release for Win32 and x64


speexenc and speexdec bundles - MSVS-2015 compiles.

speexdrop drag'n'drop frontend with encoding, decoding and playback


V. 0.0.8 - Speex 1.2rc1 - ICL 9.0 compile - - By John33.

Speex 1.2b3 for MAC OS-X


Universal binaries of speexenc and speexdec for MAC OS X by S_O.

MELP voice codec


An extremely-low-bitrate (2400bps) voice codec

Alternate CDfs Driver for showing CDaudio tracks as Wave in Win9x/Me

Alternative WMA plugins for Winamp

Allow usage of output plugins (WMA->WAV). Peter's one doesn't work with DRM.

WaveGain v1.3.1


This version should be thread safe. Please see 'Help' for details of usage. SSE2 'hand-rolled' optimised compile by an anonymous donor added. ICL12.1 compile - by John33

WaveGainS v1.3.1


This is a special version designed for processing the single channel wave files that comprise a multi-channel set. For example, the 6 mono files that form a 5.1 stream. See the ReadMeFirst.txt file included. SSE2 'hand-rolled' optimised compile by an anonymous donor added. ICL12.1 compile - by John33

WaveGain for Mac OS X (PPC)


ReplayGain for wave files. v.1.2.6 - by John33 (compiled by Ken Nakamura (a.k.a. c15zyx))

WaveGain for Mac OS X Leopard (UB or Intel)


ReplayGain for wave files. v.1.2.6 - by John33 (compiled by K R Mathis)

ReplayGain dll and Pascal Wrapper


Uses the basic ReplayGain code. Includes the source and, debug and release MSVC6 compiles - by John33. Pascal wrapper provided by 'sundance' from the HA forums.

Eaqual: utility for comparing quality of encoded audio tracks


V. 0.1.3alpha.

Deglitch: Utility to repair tracks ripped from scratched CDs

V. 0.5b. By David Bryant.

Shibatch sampling rate converter compiled with ICL for speed


A fast and high quality sampling rate converter by famed Lame developer Naoki Shibata. V. 1.30.

Shibatch sampling rate converter for MAC OS-X


Universal binaries of SSRC compiled by S_O. (v1.30)

SoXRDrop V0.1.0


A high quality sample rate converter by john33 using the SoXR resampling library. Intel 13.0 compiles.

SRCdrop V0.6.4


A high quality sample rate converter by john33 using SRC libsamplerate V0.1.8 from Erik de Castro Lopo.

WaveFS44 sampling rate converter compiled with ICL for speed


Another high quality sampling rate converter. The ICL compile is much faster than the standard one. V. 0.4.

Shibatch Super Equalizer compiled with ICL for speed


With visual modifications by Case. V. 0.03.

Volumax v0.50


Normalises wave files to full scale - MSVC9.0 compile - by John33. Shares i/o routines with WaveGain for large wave files. Should now work with multiple instances.



Merges two mono files to a stereo file. By John33.


Splits one large wave file into separate tracks - V. 0.1a. By John33.

Dirac v0.6 for Win32 MMX


Dirac is a general-purpose video codec aimed at resolutions from QCIF (176x144) to HDTV (1920x1080) progressive or interlaced. It uses wavelets, motion compensation and arithmetic coding and aims to be competitive with other state of the art codecs. Package with compiled tools for Win32 platform for MMX compiled by Petr Vacek aka quentar. (In order to play footage you need to download .ax filter from sourceforge.net project site.)

DVDDecrypter v3.5.4.0


The well known and loved DVD ripper sadly no longer developed. This is the last version to be released.

EdgeSounds RatHole


"EdgeSounds' RatHole (formerly GenieSys RatHole) is a free, unique, nondestructive universal media compression utility. Its function is based on a principle of self-training neural networks. RatHole was especially designed for archiving all kinds of sound files and is capable of compressing to the amazing rate of 40-80%." More information can be obtained from the EdgeSounds web site. v3.6.1 dated 2007-06-08.

Intel libmmd.dll

Some ICL-compiled files require one of these library.

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