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MP3 and MP2 - Others

This page features MP3 and MP2 encoders other than LAME, as well as some encoding tools. Of special interest are Gogo and Helix encoder, which are quite faster than LAME.



fpMP3Enc is a multi-threaded version of LAME that uses the Fiber Pool multi-threading framework (click the link to get to the sources). Uses LAME version 3.98.2. Includes x64 compiles for Windows. Also includes a multi-threaded FLAC encoder.

libmpg123 for Mac OS


mpg123 library compiled for Mac OS X, universal binary. Version 1.12.1

MADPlay v0.15.2b Command Line mp3 Player/Decoder


MAD Winamp plugin using v0.15.1b


Helix mp3 encoder v5.2..1


VS2015 'asm' win32 compile of the Helix mp3 encoder modified by 'maikmerten'. Modified to include a 'lametag' to provide sample accurate encoding/decoding for VBR and CBR, plus a bug fix to the original code. Info tag cleanup, correct bitrate index computation for stereo files. CRC data added. Includes the source code and VS2015 project files.

GoGo-no-coda 3.13 bundle


GoGo-no-coda is a japanese fork of LAME that focus on speedy encoding, with several internal routines rewritten in assembly language. This bundle includes gogo.exe and gogo.dll compiled with ICL4.5.

MP2 encoder based on CDex' mp2enc.dll


Command line version of the CDex MP2 encoder. Compiled with ICL6.

twoLame 0.4.0 Release


The fork of the tooLAME project. This uses the libsndfile 1.0.25 dll for input which is included. This is a win32 compile.

twoLame 0.3.12b Release


The fork of the tooLAME project. This is a custom version that does NOT use libsndfile for input. It uses its own native input routines. It will accept 8, 16, 24, 32 bit integer and float wave files as input and will also accept input from 'stdin' - which was really the point in doing it. This is a win32 compile.

tooLAME 0.2l Release


Compiled with ICL8.1

Special Wack v0.30 Bundle


An easy-to-use script and application package for encoding LAME --preset standard MP3s using --scale, with integrated tagging, all from within EAC. Includes all the required applications. Complete set up instructions are included. Wack can be used with other encoders, but this package is tailored for the above purpose.

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